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Remediation Rescue is a professional asbestos removal company based in Greensboro, NC. We are experts in asbestos, mold remediation, lead abatement, and radon mitigation with years of experience in all aspects of asbestos and OSHA certification.

When doing a renovation, consider using professional services first. Call Remediation Rescue for more information.

Asbestos Services

Why You Need Asbestos Services in Greensboro, NC

asbestos remediation services by Remediation Rescue

Asbestos-containing materials are common construction materials. They were widely utilized from 1970 to late 1990, however, numerous studies show ACMs to be linked to some of the most serious health issues. such as mesothelioma or a rare form of lung cancer.

Besides that, exposure to asbestos fibers can cause:

  • Skin irritations.
  • Serious injury or illnesses.
  • Accidents.


Inhaling dangerous asbestos-laden dust can compromise your safety and health. Failure to perform asbestos testing and remediation will result in costly expenses as well as cause serious public safety and health concerns.


Unfortunately, determining the presence of asbestos-containing materials is difficult. It is a rule of thumb that if the structure was made in the 70s, you need to be more careful. Hire professional asbestos inspectors and have them check the property before doing a renovation or demolition project.


Besides the health concerns, asbestos services are essential to comply with Greensboro, NC laws and to pass inspections by insurance companies and health and safety boards.


Remediation Rescue is here to provide solutions. We are an Greensboro-based asbestos removal company with years of professional experience. Contact our office to inquire about our asbestos services in Greensboro.

Hiring the Best Asbestos Removal Company in Greensboro, NC

What should you consider when hiring an asbestos remediation contractor near you? Here are some things you should remember:


  • Asbestos work is not an easy job and it is also not the safest. That is why it must be handled by an asbestos remediation specialist. Anyone who will carry out asbestos removal work should have the right experience and skills, as well as up-to-date awareness of all health codes. Always check the person conducting this work is licensed to do so.
  • Acquire the proper requirements for asbestos testing or asbestos removal work. There are different asbestos works and each needs different types of licenses. The license covers the amount or quantity of asbestos and the type of ACM or ACD to be removed.
  • The licensed asbestos removal company should be able to run through the process with you, outlining their plan and outcomes. Their process should ensure asbestos is completely and safely removed and disposed of properly.

Work with Remediation Rescue to get the asbestos work done right the first time! 

Asbestos, Mold Remediation, Radon Mitigation, and Lead Abatement for Greensboro Homes and Businesses

There are dangers to asbestos, mold, radon, and lead exposure. The harm they create is hard to overstate. Often, they greatly increase the risks of accidents and developing health problems including skin problems, allergies, and illnesses.


As a trusted Greensboro abatement company, we understand the importance of acting fast and safely. You can rely on us to handle your situation and provide the best results that will help you sleep better at night.

    Our Remediation Services:


    Asbestos Removal

    Removing asbestos-containing materials from your property can give you peace of mind and give your home cleaner, breathable air. The risks of developing serious illnesses because of exposure will be minimized. You can trust our asbestos removal service to resolve your asbestos concerns.


    Asbestos Remediation

    Our process begins with determining the best approach. That includes performing site assessments and conducting corrective actions before starting the reduction or removal of asbestos-containing materials. 


    Mold Remediation

    There is an effective and safe way to get rid of mold contamination from your property that involves a professional and skilled contractor. At Remediation Rescue, we offer restoration, repair, and cleaning that eliminates molds completely.


    Radon Mitigation

    Radioactive decay in the soil can cause health issues. Superior radon mitigation services Provided by Radon-certified professionals can help make your home safer. Remediation Rescue have helped our clients have a sense of safety and security with solutions designed to test for radon and effectively control its effects.


    Lead Abatement

    Chipped lead-based paint can cause potential hazards. Our lead abatement service makes sure it will not cause contamination when you decide to perform DIY. We guarantee to eliminate lead-based paint in your property using proven techniques and to ensure a safe and damage-free abatement job.

    At Remediation Rescue, we offer the best services for residential and commercial customers with a team of asbestos specialists determined to help you deal with the ACM on your property.


    Call us today to discuss the services you need and to receive a free Greensboro asbestos abatement estimate!


    Asbestos Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some of the questions we often receive and our answers to help to avoid confusion.

    What is asbestos remediation?

    Asbestos remediation is an activity that deals with disturbed asbestos-containing materials. If you do believe that there are ACM in your home, it’s best to avoid handling the work yourself. Exposure to asbestos fiber can cause severe health problems. If you need asbestos abatement, working with a leading Greensboro asbestos company is the better option.

    Are asbestos inspection and asbestos testing necessary?

    Asbestos testing is not always necessary, however, Greensboro laws require an asbestos inspection prior to renovation or demolition. It must also be conducted by licensed asbestos inspectors.

    Do we need to vacate the property during asbestos work?

    Yes. We may require our clients to leave the property or the rooms that require treatment. Asbestos abatement involves closing an entire room and sealing specific areas with plastic and tape to ensure no dust will escape. Nobody, except our professional asbestos specialists, should be near the abatement area to ensure a smooth and safe process.


    The abatement process may take a few days. Once our expert asbestos technicians are done, you may return to your property.

    I may have asbestos, mold, radon, or lead particles on my property, should I be concerned?

    When it comes to ACM, there is no need to be too concerned unless they have been damaged or disturbed, however, mold, lead, and radon are serious concerns that need immediate testing and treatment. Proper and efficient services are essential to guarantee that your home or business has its beauty and safety restored.

    How much does asbestos work in Greensboro, NC?

    Asbestos removal costs depend on the type of testing needed. The number of tests and assessments and the actual work are also considered. Call Remediation Rescue now to inquire about our services. Our asbestos removal estimates are free, so do not hesitate to get one via email.

    remediation services
    remediation services

    Free Asbestos Services Estimate Available

    If you would like to receive an asbestos remediation estimate via email, contact us! Get in touch with our asbestos specialists today for more details.


    We look forward to hearing how Remediation Rescue can give you peace of mind. Our services are here to completely get rid of asbestos, mold, and lead, and we will disinfect the treated room and make sure the surfaces are safe and bacteria-free.

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