Asbestos Remediation in Greensboro, NC

Are you a home or business owner in need of asbestos remediation? Need to get rid of disturbing asbestos-containing material from your property? Call Remediation Rescue. We are a trusted Greensboro asbestos abatement company.

  • Licensed asbestos remediation contractors.
  • Bonded, insured, and OSHA certified.
  • Competitive asbestos abatement pricing.

Remedy any structural materials that may have harmful asbestos from your property today. If asbestos fibers are left untreated, you and the people around you may be at an increased risk of severe health issues.

Get our experienced crew to your location and handle your asbestos-containing material. Contact Remediation Rescue now!

Our Asbestos Remediation Service in Greensboro, NC

a pipe that needs asbestos remediation

If you are looking for quality asbestos remediation services, Remediation Rescue offer the best in Greensboro, NC. We have designed the best services and asbestos remediation practices to ensure that your risk of severe health issues is minimized.

When you choose Remediation Rescue for your asbestos abatement needs, your property will receive the best treatment. Our services include:

    • Risk-based abatement involving evaluation of the home or building and the complete removal of the ACM. We will take into consideration the age of the structure, available information on the ACM, the type and amount of asbestos present, and the condition of the materials.
    • Careful planning of the approach to mitigate potential hazards. We will ensure that asbestos fibers will not get out of the abatement area or travel through the vent system.
    • Performing the right asbestos work starting with identifying damaged asbestos-containing materials. After which, we will determine the materials that are beyond repair, can be easily damaged in the future, and can be repaired effectively.
    • Monitoring and management of the asbestos work from the first step to the last. Our crew will ensure you will have a safe and asbestos-free property after the service is complete.
    • Securing the asbestos-containing materials for proper disposal. Asbestos debris will be transported into a secure landfill or facility that accepts asbestos wastes. The ACM will be sealed in a marked bag to avoid accidentally releasing asbestos dust.


    Handling asbestos wastes properly is as important as the removal or remediation work. When asbestos-containing materials are mishandled, the dust will scatter and contaminate other areas of the property. Eventually, more people will be at risk of asbestos exposure.


    Remediation Rescue wants to help you have a safe and clean property, so our team is here to provide the best services that will ensure you will have breathable, asbestos-free air.


    Contact us today to learn more about our asbestos work and how we can help customize the services for your needs.

    Why Home or Business Owners Need Reliable Asbestos Remediation Company

    Exposure to asbestos fibers has health impacts. Depending on the length of asbestos exposure, you may be susceptible to:

        • Skin irritation.
        • Allergies.
        • Severe illnesses.
        • Symptoms of lung cancer.

    The risks associated with asbestos exposure must be taken seriously. Seek the advice and assistance you need from a professional Greensboro asbestos remediation company.

    Say goodbye to asbestos-containing materials today. Remediation Rescue will lead the abatement service and carefully perform all the necessary asbestos work.

    Choosing Remediation Rescue for Your Greensboro Asbestos Remediation Project

    Asbestos remediation involves the thorough removal, reduction, or repair of asbestos-containing materials, such as popcorn ceiling asbestos. Here at Remediation Rescue, we are committed to helping revitalize communities by providing effective asbestos remediation.

    • We ensure your asbestos problems are dealt with promptly while ensuring the safety of all.

    • We assist our Greensboro customers in exploring their options and realizing unconsidered services.

    • Our asbestos specialists help homeowners to increase the value of their property.

    • We provide customized asbestos remediation service that covers customer needs, requirements, and budgets.

    • We are a team consisting of the most experienced and reliable asbestos inspectors and technicians. We follow strict regulations when conducting asbestos work.

    • Our company has a strong reputation and is considered as a most dependable asbestos service provider.


    Asbestos fibers create serious issues, hence they must be treated by dedicated and skilled professionals. We are a firm focused on responsively dealing with asbestos-containing materials. And we do that by conducting the best asbestos removal practices including a thorough risk assessment prior to all work.


    With a professional Greensboro asbestos removal company by your side, there will be no need for you to worry about compliance, assessment, or remediation!

    Remediation Rescue provides asbestos services to prevent hazards, accidents, and risks of serious health problems. Our promise is to recognize your goals and budget and deliver results that will improve your quality of life. Call us for your asbestos inspection and remediation.

    Asbestos Remediation
    Asbestos Remediation

    Let Us Talk About Our Previous Projects and Discuss Your Asbestos Abatement Needs

    We invite you to talk with our asbestos experts and explore the options you have. Our asbestos remediation contractors can provide case studies of our recent work and we can send a free estimate upon request.

    Once you are ready to talk with Remediation Rescue, call us. Friendly staff in our office will help answer your initial questions and connect you with our expert technicians.

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