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Need a qualified company for your asbestos removal needs? Find quality services and professional technicians at Remediation Rescue. We handle asbestos abatement projects of all sizes throughout Greensboro, NC

Remediation Rescue provides a number of abatement services. We help residential and commercial clients have safer, more comfortable, and asbestos-free properties.

  • Quality asbestos removal work by skilled and certified asbestos removal specialists.
  • Compliance with the state and federal requirements.
  • Goals to help customers have an asbestos-free property.

For an asbestos removal that complies with local and federal standards and ensures asbestos exposure prevention, call us. Let us help provide quality and dependable asbestos service that resolves your problems.

The Best Asbestos Removal You Will Find in Greensboro, NC

Asbestos exposure has disabling effects, sometimes even causing fatal diseases with symptoms that you might not notice until it is too late. Asbestos fibers become embedded in the body when ingested or inhaled, so it’s important to hire professionals to protect your family, home, and business.


The asbestos removal services you can expect from Remediation Rescue involve:


Asbestos Inspection

The first step in our process is the inspection of the facility, room, or area where the material containing the asbestos was installed and determine whether the material is an ACM or not. Our team will also assess whether the ACM is friable or non-friable.


Planning for asbestos removal method

We properly plan and prepare for the removal and disposal of asbestos waste. It is crucial to create a plan of action, especially for measures for preventing exposure and accidents.


Compliance with asbestos work standards and licenses

Compliance with Greensboro laws on proper asbestos abatement and disposal is important. You can count on us to follow all requirements that will deliver quality results without risk of your business falling short of local codes.



Careful monitoring and management of asbestos work.

As a seasoned asbestos removal contractor, we understand the ins and outs of asbestos work. We will closely monitor our workers and manage the project responsibly, ensuring that the implementation of asbestos exposure measures keep our workers and your customers safe.

If asbestos is mishandled, it can contaminate other areas, properties, vehicles, and clothing, and high, continued exposure to asbestos can put people’s lives at risk.


For a comprehensive Greensboro asbestos removal service, call Remediation Rescue today.

Asbestos Services

You Need a Professional Asbestos Removal Service Done By Professional Asbestos Contractors

technician performing asbestos removal in Greensboro, NC

Asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) release asbestos fibers when disturbed, making you more likely to inhale them and increasing the risk of breathing difficulties and even cancer. When hiring the best asbestos removal company in Greensboro, NC, make your due diligence.

  • Always consult an experienced, trusted, and certified Greensboro asbestos remediation company.
  • Check the background of any asbestos removal companies you find before making a decision.
  • Only hire a contractor that can provide certifications, experience, and knowledge of asbestos work and its various licenses.

  • Review and refer to the latest federal and state requirements on asbestos abatement. Check the guidelines for proper asbestos disposal to ensure the contractor’s processes are in line with the standards.


Get a safe and cost-effective asbestos abatement service near you. Remediation Rescue is a reliable company staffed with the best experts in asbestos removal. Talk with our technicians for a removal plan and request a free estimate!

Choose Remediation Rescue for Your Asbestos Removal Project

There are many reasons to consult a professional Greensboro asbestos removal company. Asbestos-containing materials in your property may have been destroyed or disturbed and need to be completely removed, or you are going to have a home renovated or demolished soon.

No matter what your reason for asbestos work is, it is important to talk with an asbestos expert. Professionals who have years of experience providing successful asbestos work can help you.

Remediation Rescue is not an ordinary asbestos company. We are a team of friendly and dedicated specialists.

  • We are here to assist you in evaluating asbestos hazards on your property, ensuring to comply with all Greensboro regulations when dealing with ACM.


    • We check with EPA, OSHA, and state asbestos guidelines before commencing any work and we review any regulatory changes.
    • Our team utilizes the expertise of our members. We leverage our skills in using industry-grade equipment and knowing the best asbestos removal practices also helps us to be the best.
    • We offer prompt and expert services. Our team can also help in emergency asbestos work, delivering results in just hours.

    Asbestos work is challenging and compliance with new standards is difficult, but Remediation Rescue is a long-time asbestos service provider in Greensboro. ready to provide exceptional services to new clients with a mission to deliver the best service results!


    Let us help you to have a safer home or business. Contact us for comprehensive details on our asbestos removal services.

    Asbestos Removal Estimates Are Free!

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