Asbestos Removal Service in Charlotte, North Carolina

Asbestos poses a significant health hazard to residents and visitors when present in public areas. Asbestos specialists can help mitigate the risk of asbestos exposure for residents and visitors by providing professional removal services, which ensures the safety of the local community.

Why Charlotte, NC Need Our Asbestos Removal Service?

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Many of the older buildings in Charlotte, NC, were built with asbestos-containing materials before people fully understood the dangers of it, posing significant health risks. Professional removal services are essential to ensure compliance with strict regulations governing asbestos removal and disposal, avoiding legal penalties and liabilities.


Professional removal mitigates public health risks by safely containing and removing asbestos fibers, which not only preserves property value but also safeguards public health, ensures legal compliance, and maintains the integrity of Charlotte’s built environment.

Services We Offer in Charlotte, NC

  • Radon Mitigation

Radon can infiltrate through both air and water, so it is crucial to have skilled technicians properly install radon mitigation systems. Remediation Rescue provides thorough evaluations, personalized solutions, swift responses, and high customer satisfaction.

  • Mold Remediation

Mold contamination presents immediate health and structural dangers. Health-wise, it can cause allergies, respiratory problems, skin irritation, and other health issues. At Remediation Rescue, we address mold issues through a series of steps: conducting a comprehensive mold assessment, implementing containment measures to halt its spread, and finally, carrying out mold remediation procedures and repairing any damage caused.

  • Lead Abatement

Lead abatement ensures the safety of your family or employees from lead-based paint toxicity. Our process involves inspecting surfaces for lead-based paint, assessing risks, and safely removing any lead paint hazards.

  • Asbestos Removal

We specialize in asbestos removal for both residential and commercial properties, employing skilled and certified specialists to ensure high-quality work. Our process begins with a detailed inspection to identify asbestos materials, followed by meticulous planning and safe disposal. We are also mindful to strictly follow local asbestos removal laws and maintain constant safety supervision.

  • Asbestos Remediation

A risk-based plan for asbestos removal takes into account various factors of the property. We plan our services meticulously to prevent the further spread of asbestos fibers and reduce the risk of harm to others.

  • Oil Tank Removal

Remediation Rescue provides reliable oil tank removal services in Charlotte, NC. The process starts with assessing the land, finding the buried tank, and marking its position and utility lines. Excavation is done carefully to prevent leaks, with any remaining fuel in the tank removed for safe disposal. Following excavation, the tank and surrounding area are thoroughly cleaned to check for leaks. Costs vary depending on tank size, location, and cleanup requirements.

Why Choose Remediation Rescue in Charlotte, NC?

To ensure the safety of our community, it is crucial to seek help from professional asbestos removal services. Public buildings and areas contaminated with asbestos pose a potential danger to both residents and visitors.

Remediation Rescue is a professional asbestos removal company that possesses the expertise and resources to assess, contain, and eliminate asbestos hazards effectively. By adhering to established safety standards and employing advanced techniques, our team of asbestos specialists mitigates the spread of asbestos fibers, minimizing the potential for exposure and ensuring the well-being of the wider community. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I determine if my property contains asbestos?

Asbestos is often found in building materials like insulation, floor tiles, ceiling tiles, and roofing materials that were installed before the 1980s. It is important to have these materials checked and tested by an asbestos removal professional to confirm whether or not asbestos is present.

Do I have to get rid of asbestos materials on my property?

Intact and undisturbed asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) can often be managed instead of removed, but if they are damaged or disturbed during renovation, they become hazardous and require professional removal. Factors like the condition, location, and future use of the property dictate whether asbestos should be removed. Consulting with our asbestos abatement experts is crucial for determining the appropriate handling and disposal methods.

How much is the typical expense for asbestos removal in Charlotte, NC?

The cost of asbestos removal differs depending on factors such as the level of contamination, type of material, accessibility, and location. Usually, expenses range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, so it is essential to seek quotes from licensed asbestos contractors to accurately gauge expenses and adhere to safety regulations for proper handling and disposal of asbestos. 


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