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Lead-based paint is a serious toxin that must be dealt with appropriately in order to prevent severe health issues. Get in touch with a leading Greensboro lead abatement company to protect your family or employees from exposure to lead. 


At Remediation Rescue, we are proud to give our Greensboro customers the best service experience. For a professional lead abatement service, contact us. Our contractors are here to provide an effective and professional service.

Our Greensboro Lead Paint Abatement Services For Residential and Commercial Properties

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Lead exposure is often caused by deteriorating lead-based paints. Old structures, especially those built in the 70s, often have lead paint. When lead paint flakes or peels, the possibility of lead exposure increases.


Remediation Rescue offers top-quality abatement services which handle testing, control, and removal of lead-based paint.

  • Lead Inspection. Inspecting surfaces that have lead-based paint is crucial. Our team will first locate lead-based paint. 
  • Lead Abatement Risk Assessment. The next step we will do is to assess the potential risks we might encounter. Risk assessment is important to plan for a proper approach, especially when dealing with the risks of accidental exposure.
  • Lead Paint Abatement. Our process of lead abatement in Greensboro uses tried and tested solutions to safely reduce lead paint hazards.

    Why Lead Paint Testing and Lead Abatement in Greensboro, NC is Important

    Cracked or peeled lead paint releases dust and particles into the air that are likely to cause poisoning, especially in children. Here are some of the initial health risks and symptoms when lead particles are absorbed by the body:

    • Headache.
    • Nausea.
    • Fatigue.
    • Irritability.
    • Loss of appetite.


    Depending on the length and intensity of lead exposure, you might experience more severe symptoms and health risks.


    • Nerve damage.
    • Memory issues.
    • Behavioral problems.
    • Kidney damage.
    • Hearing loss.
    • Difficulty in learning.
    • Problems with vision.
    • Muscle and joint pains.
    • Brain damage.
    • Slow growth.
    • Anemia.


    The health risks when exposed to lead are long and painful. That is why it is important to order a lead abatement in Greensboro immediately once lead paint has been identified. Here are some ways to identify lead paint:



      Lead Abatement
      Lead Abatement
      • Learn about the history, condition, and age of the property. Lead-based paint was widely used in the 70s to paint doorways, baseboards, and walls.
      • Check if the paint is cracking or deteriorating. Pay extra attention to the flaking paint in the stairwells and walls.
      • Order a lead paint testing kit. There are DIY test kits on the market you can purchase to see if the paint in your home has lead, however, keep in mind that the kits do not always produce reliable results.
      • Set an appointment with lead abatement professionals. Discussing your concerns with a professional abatement company is vital. Ordering professional lead testing and abatement will give you more accurate data.


      Do you suspect lead-based paint in your commercial or residential property? Consult with a professional Greensboro, NC lead-based paint inspector or assessor. Here at Remediation Rescue, we offer reliable and affordable lead paint testing and abatement. 

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      For many years, we have assisted residential and commercial customers in having safer and cleaner properties. As a trusted lead abatement company, our team has assessed and minimized the impacts of lead paint and other toxins in many homes in Greensboro and the surrounding area at an affordable price.


      Choosing Remediation Rescue means getting a ton of benefits, which includes:


      • Easy and smooth lead abatement service transaction.
      • Professional and ready-to-go Greensboro, NC lead abatement specialists.
      • Safe and proven lead abatement process that uses industry-grade tools and equipment.
      • Proper collection, control, and disposal of lead paint.


      Remediation Rescue focuses on innovating lead abatement solutions while meeting all standards. As a highly trained and reputable lead abatement company, we offer remarkable services. Talk with our lead abatement specialists today to learn more.

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      We believe our lead abatement contractors can make a difference, completing our jobs promptly and safely. Here is how our Greensboro lead abatement in Greensboro, NC works:


      • Tell us about your lead abatement needs, location, and other basic details.
      • Connect with our expert lead abatement contractors to discuss your project and our plan of action. We will talk you through our process, safety measures, best lead paint removal practices, and more to help you decide.
      • Schedule your lead paint abatement!


      Get quality abatement service done right the first time and with zero damages. Remediation Rescue is the go-to for residential and commercial lead paint removal services.

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