Oil Tank Removal in Charlotte, NC

Want to know if there is an underground oil tank buried on your property? Need a professional contractor that can deal with the UST and offer fair oil tank removal costs? Contact Remediation Rescue today for more information!


Remediation Rescue comprises a team of seasoned pros when it comes to decommissioning underground storage tanks (UST) for residential properties in Charlotte, NC, having performed many oil tank removal in North Carolina and nearby communities.


When accessing buried oil tanks, the contractors must perform their duties with extreme care to prevent undermining the home’s foundation. At Remediation Rescue, we guarantee the safe and proper removal of the storage tank.

Locating Undisclosed Oil Storage Tanks on Your North Carolina Property

When purchasing a home, buyers should know of things like buried oil tanks, as many older homes used buried oil tanks for heating. However, sometimes the seller fails to declare an abandoned UST, which is why you must be vigilant and know the telltale or visible signs like disconnected oil lines routed toward the home. But when the seller declares a UST, they must provide documentation to prove proper oil tank decommissioning or removal.


In general, local health and safety boards provide guidelines for how buried oil tanks must be handled. Professional oil tank removal companies must also adhere to the standards to ensure proper underground oil tank removal. When locating undisclosed oil storage tanks, Remediation Rescue begins with assessing the land area. Then, we will start scanning for the underground oil storage tank.


  • We will mark the area where the underground oil tank is located, including utility lines that may be hit during the process.
  • We will then carefully excavate the ground while avoiding causing damage or creating hazardous leaks.
  • Any fuel left in the tank will be siphoned and then sealed in a container for safe and proper disposal.
  • Finally, our team will thoroughly clean the tank and residual fuel before investigating the area for any signs of leaks. 


When you need a professional oil tank removal company based in Charlotte, we are the crew to call. Dark stains in the soil or a potent oil smell usually indicate leakage. Our team will provide expert advice for appropriate action and conduct services essential to making your property safe and free of contaminants.


Remediation Rescue offers underground oil tank removal services to all customers in Charlotte. To learn more about the drainage services we offer and who we are, call or inquire via email today!

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Residential Oil Tank Removal in Charlotte, NC

Oil Tank Removal in Charlotte, NC - Remediation Rescue

In North Carolina, the Office of Land Quality regulates underground storage tank (UST) systems and enforces standards for valuable resources, especially oil tanks that can impact the community and environment. That includes providing regulations for storage tanks and minimizing the possibility of leakages. They also provide the requirements for detecting oil tanks and preventing overflow, corrosion, and spills. Some regulations include:

    • Combustible liquids from the storage tanks, piping, and connections must be removed. Otherwise, the oil tank must be properly decommissioned to prevent accidental filling.
    • Proper removal of oil tanks and disposal of flammable liquids by professional contractors or subcontractors.
    • Removing filling pipes or permanently securing the storage oil tanks is done by professional North Carolina contractors.


    The standards set forth in the North Carolina Code aim to maintain fire safety in residential and commercial properties. The laws regulating oil tanks for residential heating ensure above ground or underground tanks are properly decommissioned or removed.


    At Remediation Rescue, we guarantee proper closure or removal of domestic storage tanks. We will also provide proper documentation for proof of decommissioning, removal, and disposal of combustible liquids. For any questions, contact our oil tank specialists!

    Underground Oil Tank Removal Cost in North Carolina

    Did home inspectors find a heating oil tank on your property? Want to have the oil storage tank removed? Here is what you can expect to pay for removing an oil tank in Charlotte, NC.


    • The cost to remove storage tanks varies depending on their location, the size of the tank, and the cleanup required.
    • Massive cleanup activities may be required in case of an oil spill, resulting in contamination. Depending on the size of the cleanup, it may significantly increase the cost estimate for the oil tank removal service.


    If you would like an estimate for your specific buried oil tank removal, call Remediation Rescue. Our heating oil tank specialists will answer your drainage questions and assist you through the next steps.

    Prompt Answering and Scheduling for North Carolina Oil Tank Removal Project

    Remediation Rescue is committed to all clients in Charlotte, NC. Our mission is to provide consistent and sincere oil tank removal services. You can trust us as your local experts with extensive experience and skills. For dependable, quality residential oil and tank removal, call us. It is our aim to give clients peace of mind with our dependable services and workmanship!

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