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Radon is a cause of serious illnesses, unfortunately, you will likely not know you are being exposed to radon unless you test. Remediation Rescue is a team of professionals who will help you determine the proper radon solutions for your property.


  • A qualified and committed team of radon experts.
  • Professional radon installation and radon remediation service.
  • Fast response time and high customer satisfaction.


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Greensboro, NC Radon Control Solutions Near You

Hiring Remediation Rescue to deal with radon problems in your home ensures that you will get the best treatment. We are a team of professionals with an abundant knowledge of radon so we can provide you with the right solutions for each required area of your home.

Our promise to homeowners is to provide the best services, conducted by qualified contractors and electricians who will improve their air quality.

  • Evaluation of the property. We will inspect and evaluate your property and recommend the best solution to your circumstance. Our evaluation will also involve performing diagnostic testing to make sure the right radon mitigation system is applied.
  • Sealing of areas. The areas in your home, such as the crawl spaces and sump pits, will be sealed during the mitigation process.
  • Installation of a radon mitigation system. We can correctly install mitigation systems from pipe routing to completing electrical hook-ups.
  • Post-mitigation steps. Once we have set up the radon mitigation system, we will walk you through how the system operates and conduct tests to ensure the system is working.

Providing the best value for our customers is a huge part of our mission. Remediation Rescue has skilled specialists, contractors, and employees ready to mitigate the radon in your home.

Let us talk! The specialists at Remediation Rescue are here to assist you in planning and providing a free estimate.

    Facts About Radon You Should Know

    Are you experiencing unexplained health problems? Have you considered testing for radon?

    Radon is a gas responsible for serious diseases like lung cancer. Unfortunately, radon is also a natural gas that is prevalent almost everywhere.

    • Radon is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless radioactive gas that is hard to detect.
    • Radon is a problem for all types of homes in almost all U.S. states, in particular, a leading cause of lung cancer for people who do not smoke.
    • Radon can get into the home via water which is why it is important to test the air quality and water.
      • Radon mitigation requires the skills and technical knowledge of licensed contractors who use proper radon testing and mitigation

      We understand that you want your home to be safe and comfortable, which is why it is important to understand that effective radon mitigation systems will help reduce the radon level in your property and significantly improve your health.

      Reducing the impacts of radon requires the skills and knowledge of a professional radon contractor. To solve the radon problem in your home, call Remediation Rescue. Our team can help pick the right solutions for you.


      Remediation Rescue for Your Greensboro Radon Needs

      Remediation Rescue is a leader when it comes to radon mitigation in Greensboro, NC. Commercial and residential customers rely on us for everything they need for radon testing and mitigation.


          • We offer unparalleled customer care.
          • We have a team of radon mitigation contractors who are skilled, knowledgeable, equipped with the best equipment and tools., and have a focus on our customer’s well-being and safety during and after the mitigation process.
          • We have friendly office staff ready to answer your calls and assist you throughout the steps.
          • We partner with local specialists and experts to ensure safe and accurate radon mitigation.

            If you are looking for a seasoned radon mitigation contractor to install an effective radon mitigation system, look no further than Remediation Rescue for superior services. We have been installing systems for Greensboro properties for several years.


            It is time to care about the air you breathe, especially in your own home. Consult with Remediation Rescue and find out why we are the go-to company for radon mitigation.

      Get the Peace of Mind You Deserve

      Ordering radon testing in Greensboro, NC will allow you to feel more secure and comfortable in your home. To mitigate radon and its severe effects, call Remediation Rescue to provide radon solutions.

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