Asbestos Removal in Greensboro, North Carolina

There are significant health risks when exposed to asbestos fibers including lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis. To deal with such risks, you can choose to hire asbestos specialists to remove asbestos from your property. At Remediation Rescue, we can keep you and your families safe from the risks of asbestos exposure.

Why Greensboro, NC Need Our Asbestos Removal Service?

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Greensboro, North Carolina, has many impressive attractions that residents and visitors can enjoy from museums, parks, and performing arts. However, its aging infrastructure is more likely than newer buildings to contain asbestos, and unsafe renovation and demolition projects without considering disturbing asbestos-containing materials pose risks to workers and residents alike. 


At Remediation Rescue, we strictly follow regulations for handling and removing asbestos correctly to protect the well-being of our community and prevent environmental contamination, which is crucial for public safety in a densely populated city like Greensboro.

Services We Offer in Greensboro, North Carolina

Radon Mitigation

Radon is undetectable to the senses and presents a major danger as a leading factor in lung cancer, even for individuals who do not smoke. Our dedicated team of asbestos specialists is committed to mitigating radon risks swiftly and effectively to  ensure quality results.


Mold Remediation

Mold remediation involves addressing varying degrees of mold severity, which can pose life-threatening risks, especially for extensive infestations that basic cleaning may not adequately tackle. Our process for mold remediation in Greensboro, NC includes assessment and identification of affected areas, containment to prevent further spread, filtration using HEPA filters to manage mold spores, safe removal or remediation of affected areas, and repair or replacement of damaged surfaces. 


Lead Abatement

Lead abatement involves addressing cracked or peeling lead paint, which can release harmful particles causing health issues such as headaches, nausea, fatigue, and irritability. Our Greensboro lead abatement process includes identifying lead-based paint through inspection, assessing risks for proper planning, and safely removing lead paint hazards.


Asbestos Removal

Our procedure for removing asbestos begins with an inspection of the premises followed by careful planning and preparation for the safe disposal or reparation of any affected areas. Due to the health risks associated with asbestos exposure, professional removal is essential, and our asbestos removal experts are committed to executing it safely and in compliance with regulations to minimize hazards.


Asbestos Remediation

Exposure to asbestos fibers, often caused by mishandling, can cause skin irritation, allergies, serious illnesses, and increase the risk of lung cancer. Our asbestos remediation services ensure the professional treatment of all affected areas, protecting you and your premises.


Oil Tank Removal

We specialize in offering oil tank removal services in North Carolina and nearby areas, a service that is especially crucial in older properties where hidden oil tanks may exist.  If you notice disconnected oil lines or soil stains around your property, that may be a sign of a hidden oil tank. Our removal process involves assessing the property, locating the tank, marking utility lines, excavating carefully to avoid leaks, safely removing any remaining fuel, and thoroughly cleaning the tank and its surroundings.

Why Choose Remediation Rescue in Greensboro, NC?

Engaging with asbestos removal professionals is crucial for addressing the health risks associated with asbestos exposure. As an expert in asbestos removal in Greensboro, NC, we can safely remove asbestos-containing materials from various spaces using specialized equipment and strict safety protocols. Certified professionals ensure the effective mitigation of health hazards, fostering a safer environment for everyone involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are permits necessary for asbestos removal in Greensboro, NC?

Asbestos removal necessitates adherence to numerous regulations and permits. Compliance with EPA, OSHA, and local environmental agency regulations, along with obtaining permits, is vital to mitigate health risks and environmental harm during asbestos removal.

Is it safer to encapsulate asbestos-containing materials instead of removing them?

Encapsulation entails covering or sealing materials containing asbestos to prevent the release of fibers, and under specific conditions, it is safer to encapsulate it rather than remove it. This approach is typically chosen when the asbestos-containing materials are undisturbed and in good condition, reducing exposure risk. However,  its suitability depends on factors like material condition, location, and building use.

How much time does it take to remove asbestos?

The time needed for asbestos removal depends on factors like area size, material type, and removal complexity. Small projects might be completed within a few days, whereas larger ones might take weeks or even months to finish. Safety measures, regulations, and contractor availability also influence the timeline.

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